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The liberating power of forgiveness

The arrival of spring is nature's invitation for us to consider a new beginning. No matter what you have lived through so far, you have the power to start anew. It may seem like an ideal or a utopian idea, but you can actually achieve it with effort and commitment on your part. First, be honest with yourself: What is working in your life? What is not working? What is holding you back? What is causing you anger, frustration, sadness, fear, anxiety? Once you are honest with yourself you have begun the process of your transformation.It is important that you can accept your reality so that you can move on to the next thing. And that requires you to forgive...

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Decisions and emotional health

Every moment of life offers us the opportunity to make choices. From deciding which flavor of ice cream to eat on a nice spring afternoon to whom you will spend the rest of your days with as a couple - with all the weight that such a commitment entails. We tend to be complicated when it comes to making minor decisions, taking too much time and even subjecting ourselves to lengthy analyses that only rob us of our sleep each night and result in endless anxiety.However, I find it extremely curious - and painful - to realize that we do not usually proceed in the same way when making decisions with a major implication on our lives, such as being...

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