Transform your body through your mind

Since we spend so much of our lives thinking and living in the future - one of the main causes of anxiety - many are already making their summer plans and preparing to look their best and/or lose those pounds they set out to lose as a New Year's resolution. And it's a good thing many of us are taking care of our bodies! However, in consultation many confide in me that they feel frustrated with their results, as they notice that they achieve small goals only to then return to their original weight - or even gain even more weight, plus they understand that they don't gain control of their eating habits and lose the motivation that allowed them to begin their physical transformation process.

It sounds like a complicated issue, but it is not. To achieve that goal of physical transformation successfully, it is important to know the thought patterns, beliefs and those situations that have led us in the past to fail in this goal. It is important that we explore with our mental health professional questions such as: do I use food to 'anesthetize' feelings of fear, loneliness, anxiety, sadness and frustration? What life situations or beliefs about myself lead me to lose motivation and/or abandon my eating and exercise plan?

My experience with many patients who have opted for medical hypnotherapy in their treatment plan - motivated to work on a physical transformation to achieve a healthy self-esteem - report that weight loss has been steady, and they continue to be motivated toward their goal. It is amazing to see the positive results they experience just by adding such an important component: reprogramming their mind.