The liberating power of forgiveness

The arrival of spring is nature's invitation for us to consider a new beginning. No matter what you have lived through so far, you have the power to start anew. It may seem like an ideal or a utopian idea, but you can actually achieve it with effort and commitment on your part. First, be honest with yourself: What is working in your life? What is not working? What is holding you back? What is causing you anger, frustration, sadness, fear, anxiety? Once you are honest with yourself you have begun the process of your transformation.

It is important that you can accept your reality so that you can move on to the next thing. And that requires you to forgive yourself and others. Forgiveness begins with a decision. It is okay to cry, to feel anger and rage in a more intense way and even a reluctance to forgive and forgive yourself. That is a natural part of the forgiveness process. Support yourself with activities that allow you to let go, such as meditation, yoga, exercise or even writing a letter to yourself or the person you have decided to forgive. And regardless of whether that other person forgives you or not, the important thing is that you break with the emotional charge and let go of the negative energy in your life.

Forgiveness sets you free. Free from the pain of the past, free from beliefs that bind you and keep you in the same place, without the results you want for your life. The effort it takes to forgive and forgive yourself is well worth it! This spring give yourself the opportunity to build your happiness, I'm coming to you! Count on me to accompany you in this process, because by reprogramming your mind, you have the Power to Transform EVERYTHING.