Importance of healthy self-esteem.

Reflecting on what all the people who honor me with their vote of confidence as their mental health professional share, I have come to the conclusion that we all need to strengthen our self-esteem or sense of self-worth, and that therein lies the key to happiness and what we call full well-being in life. In analyzing the problems that my patients present, almost all of them have their origin in low self-esteem. Sometimes it happens because of events in childhood, sometimes because of situations in youth or adulthood, that mark us and that we interpret in such a way that makes us feel insecure, undervalued, unloved. Clearly, when we live like this, what we feel is loneliness, anxiety and depression. It is not for nothing that we find ourselves in a moment where the difficult situations of the country are reflected in the current high incidence of suicides in our Island. Now I wonder; what if we consider having at least one course or workshop in the schools, required like mathematics, science, that prepares us for life, how about a course to develop a healthy self-esteem, or to learn the proper management of emotions? It is never too late!

With the resources offered by technological advances we can make it a reality. Beyond formal education and knowledge, we need to learn emotional intelligence to face the challenges of today's world. Challenges force us to transform ourselves, and I know that very soon we will see this proposal becoming a reality, because as time goes by it becomes a vital necessity. However, for those of us who are no longer in school, but want to be happy, there is still time to work on our self-esteem. Read a good book on the subject, look in the mirror and repeat to yourself "I AM HAPPY"-even if you don't initially feel that way, repeat to yourself how much you love yourself. Make a list of your strengths as a person and celebrate them. Make the decision to forgive yourself, and accept that it is human to err and that you can forge a new path when you want to. The past is just the learning that makes you stronger and more capable for new adventures in life. Remember that it's all about changing habits! Do it differently! Above all, I want you to make your own the key to every desired change, to heal your esteem, to be happy. Repeat a thousand times: "By reprogramming my mind, I have the POWER to TRANSFORM EVERYTHING. Do you want to know how to do it? See you in session.