Get organized by setting goals.

Summer is here! For many, it's a reason to rejoice because they will take a few days off from work, a planned trip with their family, or they can simply have some time off from the obligations that come with supporting their children in their schoolwork. For others, it can be a stressful time, as it also involves figuring out what to do with their children now that the school semester has come to an end. And just as our children are expected to grow and mature to welcome the next school year in August, it is worth asking yourself how you have grown, how you have transformed your life in a positive way in these first six months of the year. We are already halfway through the year, and it is extremely important to review those goals we declared at the end of 2017. Are you living with purpose, are you achieving your goals, and how do you know? Ponder these questions right now as you read me. It's not complicated to answer them. If you feel joy, excitement and optimism, you know you are on your right path. If you don't feel that way, accept your feelings. We are not perfect! Things happen that change our plans. The important thing is to realize it now and decide RIGHT NOW to make that transformation. Nothing like changing your ATTITUDE, reprogramming your mind, to get you back on track.

Whether you feel life is working for you or you need a new lease on life, take some time for yourself this week and write down your goals again - making sure they are specific - and assign a date by which you are committed to seeing the outcome. You may also choose to write down the expected outcome of the behavior you have committed to achieve in your life. The important thing is to get organized, commit to yourself, and choose to move forward. There are still six months left to see those goals realized. Visualize how good you will feel at the end of the year and say: I CAN! Nothing is impossible for you, if you believe you can, you CAN. First, you must mentally prepare yourself for it. And it's okay to ask for support. I am committed to myself to achieve my goals and also yours if you want to count on my support, and work on them as a team. As of now I celebrate a great closing for you and me of this 2018. Remember: By reprogramming your MIND you have the POWER to TRANSFORM EVERYTHING.