Decisions and emotional health

Every moment of life offers us the opportunity to make choices. From deciding which flavor of ice cream to eat on a nice spring afternoon to whom you will spend the rest of your days with as a couple - with all the weight that such a commitment entails. We tend to be complicated when it comes to making minor decisions, taking too much time and even subjecting ourselves to lengthy analyses that only rob us of our sleep each night and result in endless anxiety.
However, I find it extremely curious - and painful - to realize that we do not usually proceed in the same way when making decisions with a major implication on our lives, such as being happy. It is as if we forget or believe it is impossible to build our happiness through great effort, intelligent decision making, and calculated risks, which with a lot of discipline and personal development allow us to create our best life.

What things have you chosen for yourself to create your happiness? What have you chosen up to the present that keeps you away from your happiness? Certainly, past decisions have consequences - positive and negative - that impact our present and represent life learning. And when they are negative, there is a price to pay. However, the present presents a new opportunity to choose, to do it differently. This is how we always have a new opportunity to be happy through the freedom that the power of choice offers us. But it requires you to change your beliefs about happiness. You must know and believe that it is possible to be happy. What flavor of ice cream - and what great decisions will you choose and make today to create your happiness?

Count on me to reprogram your mind, transform your life to achieve your happiness.