By reprogramming your mind you have the power to transform everything

''Puerto Rico rises'', ''I do not remove myself'', and all these ways of inviting us to move forward we hear them daily. I do not doubt the power of these words, which certainly have the best intention to motivate and make us vibrate in another tune. But how do I do it? On one occasion, a challenge arose in my environment, which I will call my "creative and novel confrontation". Due to the stress of the day, weather complications, the electricity had gone out in the building where my office is located, no lunch and a full schedule of patients, another energetic challenge arrived that threatened to prevent me from attending to my patients in any way I could, and plunged me into creating frustration and instability. And that is that I had left my center, just as it emerged with the island with the passage of Hurricane Maria.

Flowing is as simple as having certainty! Life invites us and also forces us to have certainty and confidence. Knowing that everything is and will be fine. Even with my years of professional experience in the mental health field, I also experience the challenges of thoughts that burden and fill us with anxiety. However, over the years I have discovered the key, and have put into my mind vital tools to learn to flow. It is a primordial matter, since as our emotions are in balance, so everything will be reflected in our environment. And dear reader, perhaps you will say to me: very well! but that belongs to a utopian thought. However, this is not the case. If we observe how a child lives, we will see that he or she lives with hope, with security, with love, and with the perception that one comes into the world to be happy. With that present, we can easily make our present like that. That child always lives in you and in me! Let us give it life!

Likewise, if we bring to our consciousness how we acted when we were children, we saw obstacles as a challenge, and not as an immense impediment that would make us give up and stop persisting. Now as adults, we must bring back to our days that child who always knows the best option to deal with any challenge or daily situation. That is why I invite you, through this message, to heal with me. Not because we are 'sick in the mind', but to build together the path to a life in wellness. Puerto Rico needs brave people like you, so, starting today, decide to stand up and be proud to be part of the Island of Enchantment, knowing that its people are its greatest bulwark. How do we do it? Simple! By recognizing that: "By reprogramming your mind you have the power to transform EVERYTHING".