Because suicide is preventable.

We all find it difficult to talk about suicide because I guess in addition to the grotesque images that come to mind of how the person lost their life, it also presupposes a sense of guilt on a collective and individual level that highlights how we are failing as a society, to such an extent that life is unsustainable for that person. But beyond that, I personally think it is also about making us vulnerable that it can also happen to us and makes us aware of our own internal struggle, and at times, moments where - perhaps on a smaller or larger scale - we have also pondered the idea that life is unsustainable as we know it, or even, we have thought of suicide as a way out of the pain.

And I come to this conclusion based on so many recent cases of professional, by all appearances balanced, mentally healthy people who report in my office to be extremely depressed, anxious and actively considering suicide as a way out, or who are not 'yet' doing so because of religious convictions, but it is really what they would like to do in the face of despair. Fortunately, these people had the resources, maturity, courage, and strength, among others, to seek support, and I consider myself fortunate to be the entity of transformation, teaching my patients how by reprogramming your mind you have the power to transform everything, to find the solution; because we must be clear that with proper treatment we can prevent suicide.

I trust my words will serve you who read me, not only to make introspection and take action if you find yourself in a difficult moment, and prevent the same fate - because none of us are immune to suicide - but also to create awareness, to be more empathetic with others because we do not know their internal battle, and thus be agents of change and contribute to not lose more loved ones to suicide in our beloved Puerto Rico.